Name: Diane Kalos
Location: Huntingdon, PA USA
I saw the lights in 2004 and have never forgotten how amazing they where. Could not believe I was seeing them in PA, USA. Hope to see them again someday. You are very kind to share this info. Thank You.

Name: Matthew D
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Excellent service!!!!!

Name: glennafae hammond
Location: fruita, colorado, usa
This is delightful!

Name: Nacho
Location: London, UK
Thanks for some suggestions whilst taking photos with aurora..
I will be heading to North Pole during X'mas and with -20~-30 degree celsius.
Is there anything i need to pay attention while using my DSC (Fuji E550)??

Name: Joe Lafferty
Location: Ireland
Thanks for a great site full of information. Hope to see the northern lights one day in the north west of Europe.

Name: angie legrow
Location: sudbury
nice site!!

Name: Sally Kraus
Location: USA
Your site is very useful.

Name: Yuki132
Location: Malaysia
I got a lot of information about aurora borealis or northern lights from your website... Very informative...

Name: prasanna
Location: bangalore, India
I found some of the stuff (abt exposure and shooting at night tips) really useful!
was really kind of you to share your knowledge(Free of cost!)
Thx a ton!

Name: Yvonne
Location: Ames, IA
I will be "chasing" the Aurora in Fairbanks next month (March 11-18, 2007) and cannot wait. I've invested in some camera equipment with the hope of capturing wonderful pictures if I am treated to the northern lights.

Name: michael lalonde
Location: Ontario Canada
We have a wonderful view of the Northern Lights from our shoreline. It happens rarely but it is bliss when it is.

Name: DDAllor
Location: Monrovia, CA, USA
Ever since I can remember, I have yearned to see the Northern Lights. I hope I am lucky enough to see them in person one day. Your web site is inspiring.

Name: Prof. woolf
Location: mars hill NC usa
I hope to see the Aurora here in North Carolina. At 6000 ft on a mountain...
Love this web site! the BEST!

Name: Bret
Location: on a farm, central Alberta, Canada
Amazing green colors. One night my wife called me outside to witness the most outstanding bright red colors that simply blazed across the sky for about a half an hour. It took so long we finally gave up with sore necks and had to go inside, but it was the most fantastic sight we've ever seen!

Name: Graham
Location: Liskeard, Cornwall, UK
Have enjoyed seeing your photos. Now we want to see the real thing - very rare here but hopefully not impossible. We had a false alarm last night which turned out to be a light show 30 mies east reflecting off haze - c'est la vie! We will just have to visit Canada again....

Name: Sue
Location: Janesville, Wisconsin
I have never seen the Northern Lights and have subscribed to your ADEC. I now have hope that with your help I will be able to see them. Thank You

Name: Alyee
Location: denver, colorado usa
Visited Bettles Alaska last Sept. to see the aurora. Was a fantastic trip! Saw great displays and the folks at Bettles Lodge treated us superb.

Name: carley
Location: plymouth
I enjoyed staying with your site, will surely come back to learn more
Name: Elias
Location: New York, USA
Visited Iceland in February and witnessed the Aurora for the first time. What an amazing experience. Hoping to someday see them again from here in New York. I am part of the ADEC system and will keep you posted with sightings and pictures if I am so fortunate. Outstanding website for the Aurora enthusiast.

Name: kristeen
Location: kilcreggan, argyll, scotland
beautiful photos, you are so lucky to have witnessed these lights, we have Northern Lights, but I've never seen anything so spectacular in scotland.

Name: emma
Location: ontario canada
love your slide show
having lived in alberta a few years back, this makes me want to make a return trip,
our light shows in ontario are just not as spectak!

Name: James
Location: united states
Great site. Thank you :)

Name: Albertan
Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
The northern lights happen quite frequently in my area, and are usually easy too see since i live in a small town. They arent usually very large, but it is an amazing sight to see everytime.

Name: Mintor
Location: Ziber
Very nice work. Greatings from dr.Zigel.

Name: Tatenda Probert Malan
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
I was researching on the type of angles in taking a building when i came across this site. Its really helpful.

Name: Gazgaroz
Location: Gazgaroz
Incredible site you got there! I really, really like it here.

Name: Sally
Location: South Australia
I recently visited Alberta, Canada from Australia and was lucky enough to see the lights 2 nights in a row! My family and I saw them while visiting friends in Fort McMurray and I was totally amazed. The first night the lights were only green but the second night showed tinges of white, blue and purple.

They were so magical and I havent found a way of explaining them to friends. I think you can only understand the true beauty if you have actually witnessed them.

Standing outside in the snow, in my P.J's watching the northern lights was an experience I'll never ever forget. It would be great to be able to see them all the time, I couldnt imagine ever getting tired of them. Hopefully within the next couple of years I can get back to Canada or even Alaska to see it again! :)

Name: Emily
Location: USA
I just thought that I would stop by and see what was new.

Name: Pit
Location: New York, NY, USA
I was surfing and i found this web by chance. Nice site.congratulations for it :-)

Name: Mike
Location: Kenosha Wisconsin
Caught the November show as the dog had to go out, My 12 year old daughter was disappointed I didn't wake her up, so glad to have found this and many thanks for the site and features. Hoping they get down here again soon.

Name: Kieran Baxter
Location: Strathspey, Scotland, UK
Last night I received an aurora e-mail alert while online and sure enough, when I went outside there was a bright glow to the north. As the aurora came overhead we got some distinct dancing lines and some red colouring which is quite rare here in Scotland. My best picture of the night I have uploaded to if anyone wants a look. This is only the second time I have seen the lights here in their full glory and it's thanks to your speedy warnings! It appears that last night there was a lot of solar activity and many other places got a good show.

Best regards,

Name: Polsongrizfan
Location: Polson, Montana
We had a great show here Sunday night. A huge display. I tried to take some pictures with a digital to no avail. I've read your tips and will try again. Thanks! Great site.

Name: Melissa
Location: Stockton, NJ, USA
I feel lucky (for once) that the dog demanded a trip outside around midnight, Nov. 8th 2004. In a fairly rural area north of Philadelphia, the sky was unusually clear and starry, except the sky to the North, that had teal and green waves of color expanding upward from the horizon. The light waved and pulsed, with spotlights streaking up over my head towards the south. There were red whisps intermittently, however it was mainly green. I watched for about ten, twenty minutes, before the green whisps settled back towards the horizon.

Name: Sharon O'Shaughnessy
Location: Downingtown, PA
WHOA! I posted October 15th, having just gotten on the mailing list. I never expected to hear anything, or see anything down here in PA. I got an email this evening at 7:00 telling me the index was 7.33, and so I woke up my 11 year-old at 11:00 and we went outside. UNBELIEVABLE!!! About a fifth of the sky was gentle reds, and teals, and indigos. After a while, the lights began to shine through like spotlights. Then the whole area started pulsing, like the rising waves on an old TV tube. This was not something you'd look at and say "Am I seeing something?" It was knock your breath away motion and color. And I would have missed it all, sitting in my house right under it, if I hadn't gotten the email. My son will remember this night always. THANK YOU!

Name: Ken Fenske
Location: Kintnersville, PA, USA
Watched white aurora starting at 11pm. Saw a lot og flashing and lines of plasma. The sky is cloudless but the white energy looked like clouns until I noticed that they were moving in flashes and waves and creating lines that flowed to a point directly overhead. Twice, part of the sky turned a dull red.

Name: Michael Amato
Location: West Haven, Connecticut, United States
Earlier this evening, I observed a nice aurora featuring both red and green colors. The aurora started at about 6:30 PM EST. I was able to watch it until 7:30 PM EST when clouds moved in. I live on the south coast of Connecticut where the auroras appeared.

Name: Sharon O'Shaughnessy
Location: Downingtown, PA, USA
My siblings and I were on a car trip in Kansas in the mid seventies and saw an amazing display of Northern Lights. It completely freaked us out, as it was so southern that we initially decided we must be wrong about what it was. I'm in PA now, but I figure...if auroras can be seen in Kansas, why not Pennsylvania? Thanks for your great service, and we'll see if anything comes up down here!

Name: William Marchetti
Location: Kingston, NY 12401
I am receiving alerts right now and I am all excited because the aurora has got to be the most amazing spectacle of them all. I have seen them here in upstate NY several times and could not believe the beauty and presence of the Northern Lights. Everyone has to experience them. Spread the word!

Name: Michael Amato
Location: West Haven, Connecticut, United States
I live in Connecticut and I have seen five good auroras in the last two years.

Name: ladydet
Location: Paducah, KY
Since moving to Paducah,Ky going on 5 yrs ago, I have enjoyed viewing the northern lights, now that I can see them. The past couple of months, we have had rather good observing here & I have seen the northern lights approximately 4 times since Oct. 2003.. Each time it has been different (mother nature has beautiful fireworks), it keeps me wondering when I'll get to see them again. By the way you guys have some awesome pictures, some of them I would like to use as wallpaper & Happy Aurora Chasing!!!

Name: Astrid
Location: The Netherlands
enjoyed the pictures of the Aurora Alerts ens add them on my clubCanada with you permission.It is so special to see this. Thank for sharing with all of us.
Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

Name: W Dean Balmer
Location: Corrales, NM
Love your web site and the auto alerting for potential auroras. I just wanted you to know that I just
donated $12 via PayPal to
AuroraChasers, a buck a month is a bargain, and I would like to challenge all of your 3000 subscribers to do likewise. At the very least, 50 cents a month should be tossed into the kitty for this great resource.

Name: C Gaul
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ USA
I have been monitoring several sites for auroral activity since the big flares before Halloween. I am so glad for this site and alerts. I even donated!
I still do not know exactely how to interpret the information to be more sure of seeing the aurora from my area. I do know I should head north of my location, being so close to Philadelphia (10 miles to the west)
Any suggestions would be most welcomed from anyone in New Jersey-SE Pennsylvania!

Name: John C. Root
Location: Paxton, MA
Wonderful site! I picked it up from my automatic emails from I too was able to have seen the red/blue/green curtains over the past few weeks. Not often do we see them at this latitude, at least with this intensity! The clearest I've ever seen them previously was at my inlaws farm in upstate New York just south of Watertown, and that was quite a few years ago. Again, wonderful work, and always keep the passion for discovery.

Name: Crystal A. Enjada
Location: Oahu, Hawaii
I really enjoyed your pictures. It has been a dream of mine to witness an aurora for quite some time now. Being that I'm in a lower latitude (Hawaii), we get nothing as far as auroras go, so all I have right now are your wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Name: Howie Elliott
Location: Kendal South Lake District Cumbria UK
I saw the aurora for the first time on Thursday 30-10-03 with my friend David (it's only the second time he has seen it)as we are at a low latitude it never reaches us - I am told it can be seen regularly up in the Shetland Isles - the sight was stunning and the colours ranged from white, pale greens, dark greens, blues, yellows, purples and pinks to the deepest reds and finally spread right over us. We watched it for about 45 minutes then it faded out. The most spectacular sight ever and one I will remember for the rest of my days - I envy you and others like you who get to see such wonders on a regular basis. Your site is great and so are the pictures - thank you for sharing them.

Name: Bev
Location: Portland OR USA
I saw the Aurora for the first time last night because your email alerts and clear explanations gave us the confidence to stay up late and go driving all over the place until we found a good viewing site away from city lights. The colors were subtle compared with some of the photos I've seen, but the forty-five minute show was a thrill. Thanks!

Name: Heather
Location: Framingham, MA USA
I cannot believe how accurate your ADEC is!! I found this website by accident, trying to find out if our area would see NL due to the intense sunstorms hitting earth this week. My first ADEC I was at 6:55Pm. I missed it b/c I was outside viewing the first red curtain light show,in my backyard, at...guess what time?;-) Keep up the great work, I am now an official AuroraChaser!! Many, many thanks:-)

Name: muebles sevilla
Location: españa
very nice web! Thanks

Name: Pieter
Location: Jubbega, Fryslân, the Netherlands
Great site! I wasn't so lucky to see the aurora yet, but with my location you really need an alerting service. The 'manage account' part works like a charm. I needed to change my alerting address to my GSM phone and change the Kp setting.

Name: mike
Location: plymouth,
great pics.i was in calgary en route
to the west coast last year on my
honeymoon, what a great city.
the lights in the uk....still wishing.
keep up the good work.

Name: Anja
Location: Waldport, OR
Amazing pictures, both here and at the old site. I don't get to see very many auroras in our cloudy, rainy, winter skies here on the Oregon Coast, but these make up for it!

Name: Reg Belshaw
Location: Durham, North East England.
Great looking site, seems very interesting, My main interest is Radio Propagation at VHF via Aurora! (And other media)which is Fascinating!
Best wishes. Reg.

Name: Gary Nichols
Location: New York, USA
Keep up the good work.

Name: lunk
Location: kootenays, bc
Wow! You've captured some awesome photos. Your photos inspire others to retrieve their best cameras out from the closet and try to photograph these beautiful night sky scenes.

Name: Michael Torres
Location: City of Industry, California, USA
Thank you for displaying the most amazing images I have ever seen. It opened up a whole new world of beauty that I would have missed during this lifetime. Thank you very much!!

Name: Frank Taylor
Location: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
Well Done Mike, Keep up with all the good work, very informative, hopfully login will be with us shortly

Name: Mike
Location: Cracow, Poland
HelloVery nice site . I have already bookmarked it. Best wishes for You, Mike

Name: Sam Adams
Location: USA
Excellent site! Awsome pictures.

Location: Germany
Nice Site! Lot's of informations!

Location: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Thanks for the site.

Name: Ben Zollinger
Location: Girdwood, Alaska USA
I just came to visit. We had a pretty good show of lights up here the other night. Your section on photography was helpful. I let you know if I get any of my shots come out great.

Name: Bob
Location: Miami, FL
Cool Site!

Name: Vladimir Courant
Location: New York, NY USA
Great site! Excellent content and web design! Fanastic pictures. I will be sending this site to my freinds!

Name: Adam
Location: Calgary AB
Very nice site - Your Aurora Alert Service is great - Thanks!

Name: Heiko
Location: Switzerland
Great aurora shots nice composition as well. Thanks for sharing those very impressive pictures. I hope we meet us in Banff April 2003.

Regard Heiko

Name: JIM

Name: Wade B Clark Jr
Location: Sedro Woolley, Washington, USA
Great website! I myself have chased the aurora in Washington State for 5 years, and have had limited success photographing it. Keep up the great work!!!

Name: Pete
Location: SE
Hi there. Thought I give you a note and tell you that your website is great. Keep it up.

Name: Raphael Cheney
Location: USA, USA, USA
Love your pictures!

Name: Kevin
Location: Boston Mass
Thank you for taking the time & effort to construct such a great web-site. It's very educational.

Name: chris
Hi, I found your site and spent a while here. It's quite interesting and informative...I'll probably visit again soon. take care, chris

Name: Don Killough
Location: Amarillo,Texas USA
LOVED the Aurora pictures!!Having lived in Fairbanks,Alaska
over 25 years ago, I can still recall the lights just as clear
and beautiful as you have captured them on film!!
Truely, they are one of Gods greatest creations!!
Thanks for the memories!!

Name: Pat Miller
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Such beauty! I've seen the AB in Traverse City, but nothing compared to your amazing photos! Nice job and keep them coming!

Name: Jessie G. Miaral
Location: Makati City, Philippines
The photographs are fantastic, exciting,
and real masterpieces of professional photographers. I have been fascinated by A.B. ever since and hope to see and photograph one someday.

Name: Krystine Boehme
Location: Milpitas, CA
I'll type what I said... "Oh my God! These are beautiful!"

Many thanks for sharing these wonders of nature with those of us not fortunate enough live far enough north (or out of the light pollution of a large metropolitan area) to witness them for ourselves!

Name: Rich Gruber
Location: Pittsburgh,Pensylvania
Great photos!! Makes me wish Ilived at a more northern latitude. If only I could find my parka. Subscribed to your service. Can only hopr to get lucky enough to see for myself.

Name: Marsha Alsup
Location: Burton, Michigan.U.S.A.
Fanastic photo's I will be sending this site to my freinds!!

Name: Marsha Alsup
Location: Burton, Michigan.U.S.A.
Fanastic photo's I will be sending this site to my freinds!!

Name: Ed Fitzgerald
Location: London, England
I think its wonderful that you provide this free website.This is what the net is all about. I hope to catch my first view of an aurora during the current max. I will be lucky to see one from London, but hoping to catch one in Scotland later this year.
All the best, Ed

Name: Sue
Location: NorthWales Great Britian
Your pictures are spectacular,fabulous,and i enjoyed looking at them very much

Name: luis artagnan
Location: Guelph, ON, Canada
Amazing site for dreamers and adventurers.

Name: Scott Greenwald
Location: Manhattan, New York

thanks so much for this free service. I imagine things are getting kind of bzy for you, as I found this website thanks to an online article in the "SPACE" section of! Good luck and good work on the updated website.
I've not yet witnessed an aurora... but I hope to some day, and hopefully it won't have to be a full scale "9" for me to notice it through the light-polluted sky of New York, New York!

Name: Shawn Wilson
Location: Halifax, NS Canada
I just signed up for the free alert. It's a great service you're doing. I recently moved away from the city lights (somewhat) and have been looking for A.B. but have yet to see them. I hope your service will help.

Name: Hilda & Frederick Jones
Location: Bedfordshire. UK
Saw our first auroras during a recent visit to your part of the world.

Your photographs are great; especially the panoramic view taken on February 1st 2002. Thank you for a great site, .... "Fantastic", keep up the good work.

Name: Linda Roper
Location: Murfreesboro Tennessee
I'd seen your site before, but was glad I went back today. What are my chances of seeing this tonight down here? I'd love to finish off my 55th birthday with some spectacular visions!

Name: Doug
Location: lewiston
Great shots, Can i post a few on the web site

Name: Ray Marjoran
Location: London, Ontario
I was just admiring your pictures of the northern lights. we are from
london, ontario and are currently visiting calgary until tomorrow (sunday
night). do you expect that there will be any activity tonight (saturday
night) in the calgary area, and if so, where is the best place to view them

Name: Stephan Gerstl
Location: Chicago
I've always been a huge fan of A.B. and have FINALLY seen them in
just north of Chicago! So I love the warning service.

Name: Karen
Location: United States
Thank You!
The whole idea of seeing auroras here is exciting to me, it never occured to
me that that could happen until I found out by accident. I saw a link to the
best space photos of the year which included some auroras, then ended up at and discovered the pictures taken by Mr. Mammana. I don't
know why it wasn't reported on the news, frequently here they cover
astronomical events. I found your link on page 10 of

Name: Frank Boston
Location: Michigan
Now all I need is a pager! Honestly, thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate it! Now if you could just do something about the clouds here in Michigan ... (7 of 10 days cloudy on average.)

Name: Frank Schaake
Location: Hamburg, Germany
i subscribed to your service and it works fine! Great! (ok ... you
cant't make the clouds go away nor switch the daylight off for better
viewing .... :-)))

Name: James Griffin
Location: Carrollton, Georgia
Your photos of the night sky are amazing. I hope that one day I can see
such sights in real life. I live in Carrollton Georgia. I cannot imagine
such a site happening in a rural Georgia sky

Name: Jon Adam
Location: United States
thanks! and thanks for implementing a cool concept.

Name: Lance Taylor
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Those shots are absolutely stunning. Shore, wish I had a better view of
them up
here that night. Congrats again on making SpaceWeather News again. Those are
very impressive photos you took -- and gives me something to shoot for!

I was most impressed by such bright reflections off the water indeed, even
spite of strong moon light. The tower shot was also very nicely composed.
have been a great display indeed to behold in the mountains.

Name: Lenore Grevais
Location: Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada
I have just looked at your photos on the Internet. They are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

Name: Neil Fiertel
Location: Edmonton, Canada
I saw your pictures of the aurora on the website and just wanted to
say thanks for posting them as up here near Edmonton it was sad to
say, cloudy and so I missed it. The last time I saw such wonderful
colours was back in 1971 so it was a treat to see the mountains
against the colours...

Name: Dave Miller
Location: North-East Ohio
Great aurora shots nice composition as well, thanks for sharing.
Here in North-East Ohio we were done in by the great cloud demon.

Name: Vance Oliphant
Location: United States
Spectacular is the word that dscribes your photos of the aurora last
week. I, a man of 76, have seen the aurora a few times, but never in
livng color. I believe they would have been visible form here, but I was
not aware of the possiblity.
I may have witnessed the phenomena as a young child, as I spent the
first 4 1/2 years of my life on a farm near Eckville, and have cousins
livng near there and
in Edmonton.

Name: Martha Jordan
Location: Bremerton, Washington
THANK YOU! for the wonderful pictures. I've been checking out as many as I can
on the website.
Absolutely mindboggling, stunning and awesome are mere words to tell you how
they make me feel.
I am in awe!
God bless and thank you for your gift to us!

Name: Darlene
Location: United States
I happen to stumble across this spectacular light show just checking cnn
news...Your pictures are unbelievable...what an experience for people like
you who actually get to see this LIVE, in living color......I am
envious....all over the world too but NOT near Washington, where I
live...It would be worth traveling to thanks for sharing such
an awesome event.....

Name: William W. Perry Jr.
Location: United States
I guess I was half awake.

I want to thank you for taking the time to figure out my real domain name
instead of doing the easy thing ... delete.

Anything you can do about the snowy, rainy, clowdy weather here so I can
see one of these? :-)

Thanks again.

Name: Roy McCord
Location: Irvine Valley College
am forwarding you to everybody i know
was in fairbanks for a week march 10 and clouded out.
keep up the good
roy mccord
prof astro and laser tech

Name: Tom & Roxanne
Location: United States
Your Aurora photos are very impressive, to say the least.

Name: Barbara Lillis
Location: Santa Monica, CA
spectacular pictures of the Aurora.... I saw them on ""....
thanks for putting them up.... we in Southern California rarely get to see
this .... Although we did get a bit of a show a few nights ago... But I
never hear about these things till they are over.... thanks again...

Name: Cindy
Location: USA
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures of the Aurora -
they're beautiful!
Would you mind if I used them for making stationery? (personal use

Name: Linda Lee
Location: Irving, Texas
Hello, my name is Linda Lee in
Irving TX (DFW area). I have been
wanting to see the aurora borealis
for all my life and now that my son
is a pilot at Delta, I want to run up to Lake Tahoe for the next few days and hope to see a display.

Name: Susan Bromen
Location: Minnesota
Wow! I am IMPRESSED! An aurora borealis reporting service??? This is
amazing. I am now subscribed! I see you have prints for sale -- I will go
back and look at and seriously consider a purchase -- if it will help your
cause, it would be a privilege.

Name: Susan Bromen
Location: Minnesota
All I can say is .... AWESOME!

Name: Catarina Carrilho
Location: Portugal
I have just visited this site and the photos are just fabulous.