Aurora Chasers


Ooops, we’re are in the process of recovering from a Hard Disk Crash. Whilst we rebuilding, ADEC Aurora Alerts are updated every 15 mins in Realtime on Twitter, via our
Inukshuk Aurora Monitor:

https:[email protected]

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How to read alerts on twitter:

Aurora Prediction: Kp: 4.00(02:38) 4.67(05:38) MDT (earth 4.67) 75% Status: Low Storm

reads as follows:

Predicted Kp Index 4.0 @ 2:38 AM MDT (45mins - 1hr lead time)
Predicted Kp Index 4.67 @ 5:38AM MDT (4hr lead time)
Earths Measured Kp Index for the previous 3 hours: 4.67
75% Confidence in the predicted values
Status: Estimated storm severity based on a trigger Kp Index of 3.67 = Low Storm
>=3.67 = Aurora Teal = Low Storm
>=4.67 = Aurora Orange Mix = Moderate Storm
>=5.67 = Aurora Red = Major Storm
>=6.67 = Aurora Purple = Extreme Storm